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Peter Hofmann
Peter Hofmann
Vital statistics
Name Peter Hofmann
Being Type Wizard
Title Consiliere
Occupation Solicitor Advocate
Blood Status Pureblood
MP Affiliation none
Education Durmstrang
Health Excellent
Hogwarts House n/a
Location London


Peter's parents lived in London until a terrible fire claimed their lives and destroyed their house shortly after Peter graduated from Durmstrang. Peter was already studying to be a solicitor at that time. Finishing his course of study, he immediately left London and spent the next ten years working abroad as a solicitor and acquiring the credentials to become a solicitor advocate.

Although he had originally vowed never to return to England, Peter eventually returned to London in order to help his cousin Simon with whom he had stayed in close contact throughout the years.


Peter is one of the many Hofmann cousins. He currently lives with Simon St John and his wife Andie (Layland) St John in London.

Hogwarts Years[]

Peter attended Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts.


MP Involvement[]


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